May 18, 2013

Kiern is now nearly 3 years old

It has been almost three years since I wrote and posted photos of Kiern Chin. He has been a joy to us all, and we look forward to moments when we can spend time with him. Kiern is now staying in Singapore with his Mummy and Daddy. Even JHann, JYenn and Steph takes time off to play with him. Also, Li and family too, babysits whenever they can. And of course, WHeng and I are just waiting to be asked, to babysit Kiern!!


At about 3 months old, Kiern began to recognise his toys and at 4 months, Kiern could roll over to his stomach. Here he is on my bed. He is such a cheerful baby.

Kiern's first Christmas - at Li's house in Kembangan, and his first Christmas present, a Jungle Jim Jumperoo, from his Mummy and Daddy!

He began finger biscuits at about 5 months and, some porridge too.

Kiern is ONE year old!!
Li baked the cake. JLynn and JYenn did the icing and figurines. The theme was 'Jungle Book'.
Took them the whole night because it was their first attempt at fondant icing! 
 I must say, it is really impressive. At least, I was impressed!!
After the party, we went shopping at the Mall.

At the end of the year, Vito went to London to work, and so, Kiern and JLynn stayed in Kluang for a few weeks. Here is a photo of Kiern in the garden, trying to figure out what this big fruit is all about!

Kiern's first HOLIDAY with his Mummy and Daddy. Went to stay at La Grandeur in Johor. Kiern's first experience playing in a big pool.


Kiern started playschool as JLynn went back to work. JHann and JYenn usually brings Kiern to the playground on his way back home. And to McDonald's in Bishan Park.

Here, his feet are buried in the sand, and he is asking JHann...." Where my feet?"

Here, Steph is playing a game with Kiern. And Kiern wins?....Yay!! He simply loves to play with Steph, You can actually see his eyes light up whenever he sees her!!

Kiern loves Kinder Surprise!!

Kiern is singing and clapping, and singing his own Happy Birthday song!!  JYenn made the birthday 'cake' for Kiern. The theme was 'Charlie and the Numbers'.

Kiern loves shopping!! And he loves playing Legos and playing in the water too.

 Kiern's first swimming pool - Birthday present from JHann.

This photo is taken in Melaka. Stayed at Wayfarer's Guest House. This is 'Gangam Style' pose. Kiern had a trishaw ride too, which he enjoyed as they played his favourite song all throughout the ride!!
He was amused!!

 Kiern gets to swim often, now that he has moved to this condo in Bullion Park.
 Here, Kiern is having a morning swim. He got to skip playschool as JYenn and I were there!!

May 17, 2013

My Holiday in Vietnam

JHann bought air tickets for me and JYenn to Ho Chi Minh!! How thrilling!! We have never been to Vietnam, so we were very excited!!

I was not supposed to bring  my suitcase as it was supposed to be a backpacking trip. No maid to carry my luggage, and no maid to do laundry! I was supposed to do everything by myself, for a good 12 days!! 5-star hotel!!

Walked around District 1, Bui Vien, looking for a motel. We ended in a place similar to this place - had to strain my neck trying to see where my room is!!!! Then, felt very tired, hot, hungry!! We managed to find a place to eat, drink and with map in hand, we started to plan what to do and see for the next few days. That, for me, was VERY interesting and challenging!!

The traffic was an eye-opener. Motorcycles all weaving together, with cars too, at the junctions. I just don't know how they do it, but actually, they manage to do it quite 'gracefully'. After some practice, I managed to cross the road, with hundreds of motorcycles passing by.

The next day, we took a local tour - Sinh CafĂ© Travel, to Cao Dai Temple and Cu Chi Tunnel. Cao Daism is interesting and unique, as it sort of incorporate 5 religions. We managed to sit in...actually, stand in... one of their noon-time  prayer sessions. The tunnels at Cu Chi are actually a network of connecting underground tunnels, used during the Vietnam War. We had an opportunity to go underground to see what it was like for the soldiers back then! It was quite scary, indeed. In the night, we had dinner at Pancharan, a Spanish Restaurant. We ordered Mojito, Sangria, Goat cheese salad, Grilled Lamb, Poached Salmon. It was to celebrate JHann's Birthday. The ambience at the rooftop and the music were good. We had a lovely time!

Decided to take a ferry ride along the Mekong River, and onwards to Can Tho. Did not know what to expect, as all three of us have not been or have not read much about Vietnam. The next day, we hired a local boatman to bring us to the Floating Market, about 6km from Can Tho. It is quite different from the Floating market in Thailand. Here, it is mainly boats carrying farm produce to traders in smaller boats. The boatman could not speak English, so we had to 'talk' to him using a Vietnamese phrase book. He was helpful and tried his best.

We stopped by a local orchard and here, I had the BEST iced coffee!! Not in a grand coffee place, but
in a little stall, I think it is in a house....and sitting on a tiny stool.

Next day, as JHann was buying a Sim card for his phone, we met a lovely family. They run a little shop, and again... it is actually their house. They were dressed in their pyjamas the whole day. I guess that is a trend. They were so friendly and helpful.
Enjoyed Can Tho...the beer, the coffee, the hair wash, the grilled pork!! Yummy!

Fancy a beer named after the town - Can Tho

Took this mini 'bus' back to HCMC, a three-hour ride. All 12 people cramped into this!! It was hot and stuffy!! We survived the journey, though.

Next day, we took a train to Phan Thiet, about 200 km away. Then a taxi ride to Mui Ne, a beach resort town. Very interesting ride, travelling with the locals. Then, took a motorcycle ride to look for a hotel by the beach. It was fun, 3 of us, riding pillion on 3 motorcycles!
We decided to stay at this motel, Bien Dua, a small and peaceful place, run by an old French couple. All three of us enjoyed the body massages, on our deck chairs by the sea. Bliss!! Even had our food and drinks served while we had our massages.

Booked a buggy to take us to White Sand Dunes, and the town. Whiffs of fish sauce the whole way to town. We had to wake up very early as we wanted to watch the sun rise. The wonderful part was, as we arrived the lovely Saharan sand dunes, we realized that we were about the first people there. The sand dunes were untouched!! Awesome!! Took my breath away!!

JYenn had a good 'toboganning' down the slopes. Many young boys and girls were there very early at dawn, selling peanuts, postcards, sand, sweets and their services.....massage!! There was also a Lotus Lake. It was a hot day, so I spent my time relaxing on a hammock at a nearby coffee shack.


Then to the harbour. Took a ride on this basket. Imagine, all three of us in a basket!! Had the opportunity to 'visit' a fishing boat. Notice the big lamps...they use them when they go deep sea fishing!! How interesting!!

Back in HCM, we tried to do all that we had set out to do: The Museum, Reunification Palace, shopping at Ben Thanh Market, Water Pupper Show, Beef noodle at Pho 2000,  dinner at Le Jardin, a French/Vietnamese Restaurant,
Grilled pork and draft beer - dining on tiny stools, by the roadside!!



                                                         A MEMORABLE HOLIDAY!!!